Every school year high school athletes:

(1) Suffer approximately 4,000,000 Traumatic Brain Injuries (mild, moderate, severe) while playing school-regulated sports.

(2) Many athletes suffer more than one Traumatic Brain Injury.

(3) 1,880,000 Traumatic Brain Injuries = 47% occur during football practices and games.

(4) 470,000 Traumatic Brain Injuries = 25% of football Traumatic Brain Injuries could be considered severe.

(5) Hundreds of thousands of football players injure their own brains and/ or the brains of their opponents. Preventing Traumatic Brain Injuries is N-S-A's most important goal. Athletes that play safer... play more... play longer.

(6) Approximately 300,000 athletes, who played at least one year of high school football, graduate with a damaged brain each year.

Every year a half-million youth and high school athletes begin the rest of their lives with a damaged brain because Principals (Pals), Athletic Directors (ADs), and Football Game Officials (FGO) refuse to protect the players - the primary responsibility of all three groups in all contact sports, especially football.

N-S-A research indicates every high school football season, players suffer approximately 400,000 severe Traumatic Brain Injuries. N-S-A RESEARCH says, “No Principal or Athletic Director has done anything to prevent or reduce that number.” N-S-A further states, “Quicker Whistles prevent injuries, especially TBI,” as proven by Football Game Officials. 

Football Game Officials, who refuse to blow Quicker Whistles during the season, advise coaches and teams before pre-season scrimmages that Football Game Officials will blow “Quicker Whistles” to prevent season-ending injuries. Such is the  hypocrisy that endures within Football Game Official’s organization, all of which they refuse to discuss for fear of “ruining the game.” 

What is Football Game Official’s rationale for allowing 400,000 severe Traumatic Brain Injuries each year?     

In order to prevent injuries, "Football Game Officials must anticipate the opportunity to stop the stoppable, prevent the preventable."

"Quicker Whistles prevent injuries"

By preventing one severe Traumatic Brain Injury at every high school football game (Varsity, JV, Freshmen), Football Game Officials would prevent (1) 20,000 severe Traumatic Brain Injuries at football games every weekend in the Fall -- (2) 200,000 severe Traumatic Brain Injuries every football season.

Quicker Whistles prevent Traumatic Brain Injuries





Play Safer • Play More • Play Longer

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