Every school year:

(1) High school athletes suffer approximately 4,000,000 Traumatic Brain Injuries (mild, moderate, severe) while playing school-regulated sports.

(2) Many athletes suffer more than one Traumatic Brain Injury.

(3) 1,880,000 Traumatic Brain Injuries (47% of the total) occur during football practices and games.

(4) 25% of Traumatic Brain Injuries in football (approximately 470,000) could be considered severe.

(5) Hundreds of thousands of football players injure their own brains and/ or the brains of their opponents. Preventing Traumatic Brain Injuries is N-S-A's most important goal. Athletes that play safer... play more... play longer.

(6) Approximately 300,000 athletes, who played at least one year of high school football, graduate with a damaged brain each year.


     • Every year a half-million youth and high school athletes begin the rest of their lives with a damaged brain

     • because Football Game Officials (FGO) refuse to blow Quicker Whistles to protect the players - the primary responsibility of all officials in all contact sports, especially football.

     • Every high school football season, players suffer approximately 400,000 severe Traumatic Brain Injuries.

     • “Football Game Officials have done nothing to prevent or reduce that number.”

     • “Quicker Whistles prevent injuries, especially TBI.” 


     • Moments before each preseason scrimmage, Football Game Officials have very often advised coaches and teams that Football Game Officials will blow 'Quicker Whistles" to prevent season-ending injuries.

     • Conversely, those same Football Game Officials refuse to blow "Quicker Whistles" during the regular season.

     • WHY REFUSE? What is more valuable than players' brains... both before and during the regular season?

     • SLOW WHISTLES are one of the main reasons football players suffer approximately 400,000 severe Traumatic Brain Injuries each season.

     • "Quicker Whistles could cut that number in half. It's worth a try!"

     • Such is the hypocrisy that endures within Football Game Officials' organization, all of which they refuse to discuss for fear of “ruining the game.” 

     • What is the rationale of Football Game Officials who allow 400,000 severe Traumatic Brain Injuries each year?

     • In order to prevent injuries, "Football Game Officials must anticipate the opportunity to stop the stoppable, prevent the preventable."

"Quicker Whistles prevent injuries"

     • By preventing ONE severe Traumatic Brain Injury at every high school football game (Varsity, JV, Freshmen), Football Game Officials could prevent

     • 20,000 severe Traumatic Brain Injuries at football games every  weekend in the Fall

     • 200,000 severe Traumatic Brain Injuries every football season.


Quicker Whistles prevent Traumatic Brain Injuries




Play Safer • Play More • Play Longer

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