Join our crusade to PREVENT INJURIES ESPECIALLY CONCUSSIONS in youth and high school sports An N-S-A membership is also a great gift idea for a friend or family member!
ALL MEMBERS can earn a REWARD each time he or she recruits a new Member (Individual or Business).   



$50 - Lifetime Individual Membership (LIM)
$300 - Business Membership including all schools and all organizations (BM)

Lifetime Individual Membership (LIM)

  • Anyone can obtain a Lifetime Individual Membership for a one-time tax-deductible fee of $50
  • Membership Certificate suitable for framing with your N-S-A name and your N-S-A ID number
  • Members promote sportsmanship, scholarships, and the prevention of injuries, especially Traumatic Brain Injury, in all youth and high school sports, especially football

Business Membership (BM)

  • Any business can obtain a Business Membership for an annual tax-deductible fee of $300
  • Any organization or school can obtain a Business Membership - $300 per year.  Each year all Business Memberships that pay their yearly fee ($300) shall receive 6 LIM that can be given to whomever the business chooses.  At no additional fee.
  • Membership Certificate suitable for framing with your N-S-A name and your N-S-A ID number
  • One Membership Plaques suitable for display with your Business or Organization name

Member Only Incentive Program

All members can be N-S-A recruiters and earn rewards by recruiting NEW members who pay-in-full.

Who? Anyone

What? The greatest organization in the country working to protect the brains of youth and high school athletes

When? Anytime

Where? Anywhere

Why? To prevent injuries, especially Traumatic Brain Injuries

How? By advocating rule changes like "Quicker Whistles" to prevent injury

Rewards for Recruiters

$20 for each new Lifetime Individual Membership brought to N-S-A.

$100 for each new Business Membership brought to N-S-A. The student LIM will receive $100 reward each year the business is a member and the recruiter is enrolled in school.

N-S-A Membership Certificate


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