teammates, opponents, officials and fans.


    and play by the rules of the game.


    to react appropriately to winning and losing.


    before, during and after each contest.


    to promote sports and the positive aspects of sports.


The National Sportsmanship Alliance (n-s-a.org) promotes Sportsmanship, Scholarships, and Prevention of Injuries* - especially Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI).


1) The most serious, most dangerous common injuries in all youth & high school contact sports, especially football

2) More frequent in football** than any other sport

3) Can be fatal if left unattended

4) Preventing Traumatic Brain Injuries is N-S-A's most important goal, since Traumatic Brain Injuries could affect a player for the rest of his or her life.

5) **Quicker Whistles prevent Traumatic Brain Injuries more successfully than the best football helmets. Quicker Whistles prevent contact before danger, prevent danger before contact.


Slow or delayed whistles ignore the safety of the players by allowing needless contact which increases the chances/ number of injuries, especially Traumatic Brain Injuries, to those players.


FOOTBALL RULES BOOK says "Keep the game as safe as possible for all participants"

FOOTBALL GAME OFFICIALS MANUAL says "The protection and welfare of the players are most important"

N-S-A says "Quicker Whistles prevent injuries," N-S-A's most important point regarding the prevention of injuries in contact sports, especially Traumatic Brain Injuries, especially in football.


Quicker Whistles force athletes to play safer which allows them to play more...play longer.


N E G L I G E N C E - Failure to take precautions, care, action to prevent harm. High School Principals, Athletic Directors, and Football Game Officials fail to protect athletes from Traumatic Brain Injuries.


N-S-A needs your help to promote the prevention of brain damage as much as possible in all youth & high school contact sports, especially football.

N-S-A is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization. Donations are tax-deductible.

Lifetime Individual Members (LIM) & Business Members (BM) of N-S-A promote the prevention of Traumatic Brain Injuries in all youth & high school contact sports, especially football.




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