teammates, opponents, officials and fans.


    and play by the rules of the game.


    to react appropriately to winning and losing.


    before, during and after each contest.


    to promote sports and the positive aspects of sports.

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N-S-A is the only national non-profit organization in the USA that is actively working to promote 1) sportsmanship 2) scholarships and 3) the prevention of injuries, especially Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), in all youth and high school sports, especially football.

Sportsmanship levels the playing field. Members of N-S-A promise to:

  • Respect others,
  • Understand and play by the rules,
  • Learn to react appropriately,
  • Exhibit fair play, and
  • Strive to promote the positive aspects of sports.

Members also pledge to refrain from cheating, bullying, discriminating, injuring, arguing, taunting, showing displeasure, using obscene language or gestures and berating others. Sportsmanship provides the essential elements in making competitive activities more enjoyable for everyone. If you believe in Sportsmanship, Join N-S-A now.

Be a proud member of the greatest organization in the world whose main purpose is to promote Sportsmanship. Join the growing numbers of the NATIONAL SPORTSMANSHIP ALLIANCE and help to make our world of competition a better place to live and play. An N-S-A membership is also a great gift idea for a friend or family member! A one-time fee of Fifty dollars ($50) will buy a Lifetime Membership.  Join N-S-A now to help prevent concussions, Click Here!.

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